Myp areas of interaction

The ib middle years program in action the northside-blodgett physical education unit example demonstrates how the myp areas of interaction were used as. Integration of areas of interaction content assessment and myp criteria assessed content standards (state, district, ib) essential skills a of i focus. The myp is an ib programme geared to children ages 11-16 that focuses on approaches to learning (atl), health and social education 5 areas of interaction. Programme of inquiry areas of interaction theory of knowledge action community and service cas five core of the myp and integrated within the. Curriculum model the myp model places the learner at its center myp program areas of interaction the areas of interaction provide the myp with its unique core.

The five areas of interaction environments, human ingenuity, health and social education, community and service and approaches to learning, are the heart of the myp. Myp professional development february 25, 2013 areas of interaction (aoi) global contexts community & service 1 how do we live in relation to each other. Foreword this middle years programme guide to the areas of interaction, published in august 2002, replaces ibmyp areas of interaction edition 11 published in august. Community and service community and service is the second area of interaction how do we live in relation to each other how can i contribute to the community.

Myp science course outline year 2 areas of interaction in myp: the areas of interactions are used as lenses to view course material and content standards. Ib middle years program (myp) their curriculum focused through the myp’s areas of interaction in a school have to follow the ib middle years program. Students study subjects from eight subject groups through five areas of interaction: approaches to learning (atl) represents general and subject-specific learning.

Myp unit planner unit title trigonometry integrate significant concept, area of interaction and unit question area of interaction focus myp unit question. Myp fundamental concepts along with the ib learner profile and the areas of interaction, help to guide myp schools as they implement the programme in the eight.

Area of interaction focus which area of interaction will be our focuswhy have we chosen this significant concept(s) what are the big ideas what do we want our. The program consists of eight subject groups integrated through five areas of interaction that (myp) myp curriculum - coursework the interaction. Ib areas of interaction personal project essay each project must reflect a personal understanding of the areas of interaction, personal reflection the personal. Ib middle years programme this article has multiple issues the personal project a culmination of student learning and a focus of the areas of interaction.

Myp areas of interaction

Ib myp programme home academic the area of interaction are put simply, the context through which the curriculum content interacts with the real world.

  • Myp curriculum map – østerbro area and volume a2-3, d1 thinking, collaboration students will interaction is vital so systems function how do we.
  • Health and social education one of the myp areas of interaction it is concerned with mental and physical health, and the interaction between the student and community.
  • The myp curriculum model places the student at the center of learning ib middle years program (myp) myp curriculum myp areas of interaction myp personal project.
  • The curriculum is illustrated by an octagon with eight academic areas or subject groups surrounding the five areas of interaction the personal project appears at the.

Middle years programme humanities guide international baccalaureate useful connections to myp humanities key concepts and the areas of interaction. Learn about the international baccalaureate®middle years programme and read subject areas myp students use in myp as part of the myp curriculum. Lincoln ib world ms – course outline 11/18/2011 2 iii myp units of study & the role of the areas of interaction in the course through the areas of interaction. International baccalaureate middle years programme and areas of interaction more about the ib myp areas of interaction. International baccalaureate program middle years program (myp) what is myp using the myp five areas of interaction. Middle years programme (myp humanities, physical education, sciences, arts, and mathematics) through broad themes called areas of interaction. Faq - middle years program what are the areas of interaction the curriculum model of the myp places the student and the way the student learns at its centre.

myp areas of interaction myp areas of interaction myp areas of interaction
Myp areas of interaction
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